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About the Simca


The SIMCA Car Club of Australia and New Zealand comprises some 60 members and 40 cars with active representatives in most states.


The Club maintains a register of Simca owners through our specialist Registrar for both Simca and Simca Vedette.


During most of its post-war activity, Simca was one of the biggest automobile manufacturers in France. The Simca 1100 was for some time the best-selling car in France, while the Simca 1307 and Simca Horizon won the coveted European Car of the Year title in 1976 and 1978, respectively — these models were badge engineered as products of other marques in some countries. For instance the Simca 1307 was sold in Britain as the Chrysler Alpine, and the Horizon was also sold under the Chrysler brand. Simca vehicles were also manufactured by Simca do Brasil in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, and Barreiros (another Chrysler subsidiary) in Spain. They were also assembled in Chile, Colombia[citation needed] and the Netherlands[1] during the Chrysler era.


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