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            Some Memoirs . . . . by Max Stahl



While flicking idly through the internet this afternoon I was delighted to come upon the website of the Simca Car Club, an organisation I hadn’t realised still existed. It bought back many memories, for it was one of the first Clubs I belonged to back in the 1950s, the others being the Eastern Suburbs Sporting Car Club and the ARDC.

My fellow Simca members back then included Alf Long, who sadly has just passed away at age 93. Peter Wilson still going strong and living on the South Coast, and Ken Britton, also well, up on the Gold Coast. I’m in regular contact with both.


Back then our Clubs competed together regularly in Motorkhanas and Trials, often in company with Goulburn and Canberra Clubs, Manly Warringah and Hills District. Barry Ferguson (Goulburn) was one of the leading lights. A few of us went racing, too – I started in my 1956 Aronde, sporting its Waggott head and cam, before advancing to the ex-Brian Muir 48-215 Holden – while Barry ran in several Hardie Ferodos and we shared an MGB GT in the Surfers 12-Hour. But Barry, of course, concentrated mostly on trials and rallies, achieving greatness in the Southern Cross and nine NSW Championships.


Take a look at the slideshow below, featuring a few pics of my Simca in action, including one of our many motorkhanas.

Max Stahl


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