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Please contact Club Secretary

for further information.


Vedette radiator, serviced and tested

$350 with 12 months warranty.

Contact Riverstone Radiators

       Sydney 02 9627 4657

Reproduction Lenses for Lamps

Vedette rear, P60 front and rear  

In the first instance, contact SCCA Secretary on

Windscreen Stickers  -  

just $5.00 each

     Vedette Engine Bearings
  Vanervil big ends 10 thou under,                mains 40 thou under size
Contact Jimmy Berrell 0428 484 950


Simca Aronde 1959 - 1962 P6OP Models Workshop Manual.  
  • Good condition : Factory Workshop Manual  $50
  • Phone: 0421 072 999  Email:

Haynes Simca 1300/1301 and 1500/1501 Manual

Not in perfect condition but pretty good for its age. The owner, Sally Petersen (New Zealand) would love to give this to somebody, but would need to charge for postage if it is to be sent to Australia (post free to a NZ address).

To contact Sally: Phone  +64 9 846 4986


Aronde Workshop Manual : In good condition, 1963 edition

Phone  0410 511 703 or email